Seeking a house by the sea? La Perla dei Poeti is a solution of prestige for sale in Lerici (Liguria-Italy).
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The feelings conveyed by a place as unique as Lerici affected and fed the research to develop the interiors of the most amazing among the luxury houses for sale.
The original and suggestive interpretation of space is a challange to those who normally paint and decorate their home according to traditional canons, forgetting the excitement that an environment can give.
The sea and its waves, the fullness of the moon, the starry sky, the lush natural vegetation which overlooks sheer over the sea, the rises and hillocks mantled with olive groves, sandy beaches and the rock that sometimes comes to lick the water in a cheerful and lively game are the most appreciated elements among those who chose to live in Lerici.
It may seem trivial to talk about what the eyes show us.
But it is precisely here that the typical emotions of the Lerician coast and of the Gulf of Poets originate.
The originality of this house by the sea, the Pearl of Poets, is to be found in the effort to imprison those emotions in a valuable real estate for sale to donate these pleasant sensations to those who will decide to live among its walls.
This house is truly unique of its kind, no other house for sale in Lerici has dared so much: valuable finishings, high class furnishings, unique works of art and innovative light games will surprise you.
A prestigious and exclusive house as never seen before.

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